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What We Do

Assisted Living referrals and placement assistance are our specialty. We provide FREE personal assistance to families and individuals in the evaluation and placement of seniors or the disabled in finding the community for their needs. Whether you've planned ahead, or if a sentinel event has occurred changing your situation requiring immediate placement, we can help.

Reduce Time & Frustration

Our assistance includes many services and benefits that help reduce the amount of time and frustration spent in locating and choosing the best community. We can usually do in two hours or two days what it takes most people looking for assisted living much longer to do. We specialize in helping families in crisis situations where placement is needed within days.

Navigate the Types of Communities

There are many types of communities for retirement and assisted care in the Eugene and Springfield area. One component of our service is making referrals and taking clients to tour the area's communities that best meet their preferences and needs.

We provide free referrals for seniors seeking:

No Cost To You

There is no cost for our services to individuals or families. Our modest fees are paid by the community you choose. Our services are of benefit to the communities because we not only make sure the person being placed is going to be happy, we also take care of providing all the necessary items required for a smooth placement, creating a better experience for the family involved.

It doesn't cost our clients any more if you use our services than if you contacted the communities directly.

"Adult Living Solutions' knowledge, experience, and caring attitude made finding a great care facility ​for my mother a very pleasant experience."

Kathy H.

Senior Community Payment Options


Knowing your resources is key to making the best choice. Some communities accept only private pay residents, while others have Medicaid contracts. This is important to know because if you are in a private pay community and run out of money, you will have to move again. However, if you are in a community with a Medicaid contract, they will keep you and take the state payment.


It's also important to know the differences between communities when it comes to any restrictions or limitations. For instance, there are some communities that don't accept pets or provide transportation. Or, perhaps there is a limit to the level of care they are able to provide. For example, perhaps the community is unable to provide two-person transfers (where an individual needs two people to help lift and move them vs. one person to do the same job). Because of the relationships Adult Living Solutions has with various communities, we're able to provide you that insight, helping you in making the best choice.


Our goal is to make the whole placement procedure smooth and as stress-free as possible.​


We Can Work with You


We provide assistance to individuals or couples who are able to pay for their own assisted living or active retirement costs, as well as provide advice to those who are on Medicaid so they understand the resources available and how best to go about spending down to maximize their Medicaid benefits. In addition, we work with individuals who are war veterans, as well as their spouses, to make sure they get their Veterans assisted living cost benefits if they are eligible for them.

We specialize in individual plans of support.

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