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Our Process

We begin by talking with the family, spouse or the person/people in need of care themselves to find out what needs and concerns they might have. Next, we will have an "interview" to learn about health, specific care needs and financial resources, as well as personal preferences regarding activities, pets, smoking, hobbies, location, etc. We like to meet personally or talk with everyone involved to get this information.

At a Glance

  1. Initial phone call assessment

  2. Meet with family to discuss the situation (health needs, finances, community wants, etc.)

  3. Meet with potential resident for personal assessment

  4. Schedule tours (often 3) and attend with family

  5. Review options with family

  6. Choose a community

  7. Follow up to make sure transition was smooth

Making a Good Match!


We then match this personal information to what we know about the communities in our area and narrow the choices down to those that are the best match for accommodating your wants and needs. We have contracts with communities throughout the local area. We do not recommend places we haven't visited and evaluated ourselves.

Although communities are licensed and inspected, we will share our own insight as to how the place "feels", how the residents are treated by the staff, and how well we feel our client will fit into the community.

​After determining which communities are the best matches, we offer to personally accompany our client and/or their family, spouse, or friend to meet the owners and/or managers and caregivers of each community and get a tour. If you wish to visit the referred communities on your own, that's fine. If you choose this option, we can call and schedule the tours for you. We like to do this as a service for you because we are familiar with the terminology and understand what's going to be important the community know so they can be ready for you and better able to address your specific needs. After a selection has been made and the placement has occurred, we follow up with a personal visit to make sure the move-in was as smooth as possible.

We specialize in individual plans of support.

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