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Senior Living Placement for families and seniors

Benefits to You

We work with families and individuals to find the most appropriate community for seniors who are seeking assistance. Here are some of the benefits we offer during the process.

No Cost to Families or Individuals

We are paid a fee by the community chosen. There is no cost for our help and you will NOT pay more than if you contacted a community on your own.​ 


If Medicaid is the only resource available, there is a discounted fee that we offer for this service. Ask how that works! Often we find, that even with resources that are minimal we can work with Communities for a ’Spend Down’ plan for financial support.

Saves Time and Frustration

There is no need for you to call, research, and visit 10-15 communities. We know what each place offers and if they have openings.​

Needs Assessment

We meet with clients to do a full assessment on preferences, health care needs, and financial constraints. We keep up to date on each community’s offerings, finding the best fit for our clients.​

Tours and Assistance

We accompany families on tours of recommended communities. In addition, we know well reputed vendors for downsizing, transportation, moving, and home care... everything you need to make a smooth transition.

​We also assist war time veterans (and spouses) access benefits, helping pay for the cost of community living.

We specialize in individual plans of support.

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