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Why choosing assisted living can be difficult (and how to overcome your fears)

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Deciding to move into an assisted living community is by no means an easy one. It’s a life-changing choice that can be difficult for many people. Although it can be a difficult decision, assisted living often becomes a rewarding experience. So, why do we struggle with making this change? Here are some common concerns and ways to overcome your fears.

“I need to speak with my loved ones first.”

The opinions and feelings of your friends and family are valuable, but they should not be the deciding factor for ruling out assisted living. Unfortunately, people often have strong emotions without having done current research. Like so many industries, changes are happening all the time in senior care and what a person thinks assisted living is may not in fact still be the case. The challenge here is that if it's not discussed ahead of time, difficult as it may be, you could find yourself being without care when you need it most.

The first thing you want to do is consider what you want. With assisted living, your personal needs are the most important. If needed, don’t hesitate to reach out to a counselor, support group, or spiritual advisor. Discuss it with your family when you have a good grasp on what you feel is right.

If you’re a family member making this decision for someone else, remember to think about his or her needs before your own personal wishes. It's easy to get caught up in what is convenient or perceived to be better instead of what is best for the other person and his or her needs.

“I’m worried I can’t afford it.”

Money is frequently a challenging household topic, and the fear of what assisted living will cost can be a big turn off. Ultimately the fear of the finances, more than the living arrangement, can cause people to put off looking at this option altogether.

What's important to know is that there are several options available for how you pay for assisted living. At Adult Living Solutions, we work to find the best solution for your financial situation. We make sure your choice of assisted living community is financially manageable, and every cost is beneficial to your quality of life.

“I’m not ready to leave my home.”

You may find yourself reluctant to the idea of assisted living because it is a new and unfamiliar living environment. Many concerns stem from the idea that you will lose your independence, you’ll be too bored, or you will not receive the proper care you need. Many of these worries are products of assisted living home stereotypes that don’t typically prove to be true. With a variety of activities and social opportunities available, you will always find something to do to keep you entertained and independent. At Adult Living Solutions, we make sure that everything you need to feel happy with your living situation is carefully considered as we research communities for you.

“I haven’t looked into it enough.”

Because assisted living is such a big decision, it does require a fair amount of thought and consideration. For this reason, people often put it off, waiting until the last minute to really “look into it.” All this does is create a delay. When the time comes, and a decision needs to be made, wouldn't it be better to have a plan in place instead of reacting and having limited choices?

​The best solution for this issue is reaching out to a senior living advisor and letting them do the research for you. Taking your best interests to heart, including your condition needs, your interests, and your location preferences, a referral specialist, like Adult Living Solutions, can find the perfect community for you. Save yourself some stress and contact Adult Living Solutions to get started today. 541-685-1533

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